Saturday, January 19, 2008

day 1 (or are we on 2 now)?

things aren't so bad yet.
i'm very jittery and my body seems upset with me like we aren't quite on the same page. draping my body over an exercise ball and bouncing my stomach on it feels good.

i have lots of layers of clothes on. chilly. kinda sweaty too. but i think i still need some more on.

been going on some walks to get the jittery-ness out. my dad was laughing because he couldn't keep up with me.

sleep is hard. the body doesn't want to stay in the same position for any amount of time. i am taking a drug to help with this and it seem to be helping.

i talked to jamie online today and i couldn't read what we were talking about. my eyes needed the font bigger so that i could see it properly.

i tried to read a book. it was quite the experience. some words are there and the others don't register in my mind. if i could get some sentences together, i couldn't remember what they were trying to say.

not too much nausea or extreme increase in pain.

tomorrow is supposed to be the worst but maybe it won't be as bad as some other experiences i've had with withdrawal in the past.

thanks for all of your facebook comments and support.

i will try to update again.


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