Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Goodbye, Hair!

Photo 124.jpg

I decided to get my hair all chopped off. The Elmiron is working pretty well to coat my bladder (this makes eating a lot easier - I don't have to stick to a strict diet and I don't get near as many sharp pelvic pains), but as it works better, the more the side effects seem to kick in. One of these is hair loss. Thankfully, I am not losing it in patches like some tend to do with this drug. It's just falling out in general all over. It's actually quite a mess! I think I lost about half of my hair, just being able to tell from the weight of my ponytail. No one else could really tell unless I showed them how much I would lose from a simple brush-through, or how much was left in the drain after a shower.

old hair.jpg

I cut it all off yesterday so that cleaning up lost hair will be easier now. It's definitely the shortest I've ever had it and will be kind of hard to get used to, but I think I'm going to like having less to deal with. I've noticed that with less weight, my head doesn't seem to get as tender and sore as it has been in the past, which is great news!

new hair.jpg

I'm still in Colorado at home with my family. It's much easier this way. I never realized how debilitating this IC stuff would be. I'm just trying to learn to accept it as a part of my life, deal with pain levels, go to physical therapy appointments, and distract myself from the pain by reading a bunch. I'm also working on some incompletes from last year that ACU's Steven Moore and JR Kessler were gracious enough to allow me to make-up. If you'd like to check out my progress in those classes, please feel free to read any of my responses to books, articles, or films that I may be studying for those classes. I have a blog for each of those:

I hope everything is going well for everyone out there. You don't how much I appreciate all of the support and prayers I've received. This means everything to me and it also means a lot to me that everyone who can be out there and living their day to day lives not take it lightly. I don't know if this sounds stupid or not, but I really mean it. I think of all the things I wish I could be doing right now, with New Life Church and band and film editing and just the general blessing of living the ACU life. Please just love every minute of it. For me. Have fun with it and appreciate it and even smile if you're a little stressed and have a lot to do. It's kinda nice to be busy. I miss that. I really do. So please appreciate it for me, if you can.